Global Dance embodies dance universally. We embrace American, Middle Eastern, Indian and African cultures.  The sisterhood of our dance brings together the girl (SEEDs) and the woman (Dance Orientale).

SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) is a mentoring program for girls ages 6-18 years.   SEEDs assumes all girls have the right to be guided, 
educated and mentored during their difficult schooling years, despite their ethnicity, social and economic status. Dance and mentoring take place in a safe environment and  and explores various aspects of growing up, realizing dreams and aspirations. We primarily use American Tribal Style (ATS), which promotes working in teams and creates trust and confidence.

Dance Orientale is an adult dance program that focuses on the holistic view of women.  Middle Eastern Oriental Dance and Belly Fitness brings a woman closer to her aspirations and dreams, physically, socially, emotionally.
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