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Calendar of Events

General News:
S.E.E.Ds Starts Monday the August 11th!

Ballet Bootcamp with Liezel
Starts Wednesday August 13th!
 Capitalize on Liezel's 35 years of Cechetti Ballet training and learn practical ways to center your movement, strengthen your core, balance with confidence and lengthen your muscles to supplement and enhance your dance.

The next Beanbag Bohemia (BBB)
Saturday August 23rd
Improv Dancers Forum/Show
Bring your picnic basket!
Global Dance Studio
7:30pm $10 at the door or

Want to be Jewel of the Nile?
Dance along the Nile with Zaia and learn the Hagallah
 Saturday August 30 at 2:30pm - 4:00pm
After studying with Mahmoud Reda and performing the Hagallah at his 80th birthday celebration Zaia is no better person to share with you this fun folkloric dance of celebration performed by the settled Bedouin (bedu) of Mersa Matruh in Western Egypt and is often performed during the date harvest, which is the wedding season in that area. Hagallah is also known in areas of neighbouring Libya and is related to kaf (clapping) dances in other regions of the Middle East. 'Hagallah' - the dancer, the music and dance itself! Come and see!
NEW ATS® Session Begins September 8th!

* $65.00 for 6 weeks
* Mondays - 8-9 pm (Sept 8th to Oct 13, 2014)
First time “Try it” class is $15. This class fee will be applied to your balance if you choose to sign up for the full 6-week session!

DeAnna of Devyani Dance Company, B'Ham, AL
When: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Where: Global Dance, Roswell, GA

Each workshop is $35 for pre-registered participants ($40 at the door, if space is available). Special rate for BOTH workshops is $60 for pre-registration only! Space is limited, register TODAY!
*** 10am - 12pm - Intro to Yoga for Dancers ***
*** 1pm - 3pm - Discover YOUR ATS® Workshop: ***

 Dancing through The Skirt!
Global Dance welcomes Evadne with 
When: Saturday September 27 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Where: Global Dance
Skirting the dance (Gypsy Skirts 24 Yard Skirts). Learn how to work with your movements and bring out your grace and power. This short workshop will help you emphasize how to utulize the the skirt and engance your dance. This is not a choreography centered class but rather the actual movements you can bring itno your dance. You can use you your own routines. Very similar to folkloric dances and gives you space to improvise your own new movement. This concept can be applied to solowork, duets and groups.

Important Studio News:
 Online Access??
We also have other exciting news to share.  You now have online access to your account to see classes, register and pay!
Reward Your Way!
  • We have a new signing in system called RewardMyWay. This is a new way for us to keep track of student attendance and rewards loyalty. This is a kid and adult friendly system and all ages will be allowed to use it! The process is quite easy! All you have to do is scan your card every time you come to class.  You can look forward to free classes, 10 to 20% off classes and free merchandise.  S.E.E.Ds qualify for prizes too based on attendance at classes including free T-Shirts, Zill bags and show tickets!

  • Please make sure your kids information and registration is updated! We have a link at the bottom of this email under S.E.E.D.s News!

Dress Code:

We believe that when we dress for the occasion we will perform better in class!  The following is our new standard. It is required that all students represent Global Dance in classes in the following way:

1) Black Leggings
2) Black Tank Tops OR Global Dance Spirit Wear
3) Dance Shoes (based on preference)
4) Hair tied away from the face
5) Skirts are optional but should have leggings underneath

The studio will no longer provide students veils during dance classes. If you need to purchase
 a veil for dance class you may contact Zaia Hadiyyah

SEEDs Camp photobook! CONTACT US!


~4:30 - 5:30  Pre-K SEEDS
~5:30 - 7:00  SEEDs level 2    
~7:00 - 8:00  SEEDs Apprentice 

~8:00 - 9:00  ATS with Jaki (New Series Starts iSeptember 8th - pre-registration required))

~4:30 - 5:30  SEEDs level 1
~5:30 - 7:00 SEEDs Middle School
~7:00 - 8:30 SEEDs High School

~12:00 - 1:30 Adult Advanced
~7:30 - 8:00 Adult Dance Series (First 6 week series Ballet Boot Camp for Adults - "Getting a dancer's body") with Liezel (pre-registration required)

~10:00 -11:00 Adult Open CLass
~12:00 - 1:30 Adult Advanced
~4:30-5:30 Ballet/ Contemporary for S.E.E.D.s
~5:30-6:30 Hip Hop for S.E.E.Ds
~7:00 - 8:00 Beginners Adult
~8:00 -9:30 Intermediate Adult 

~No Classes

~10:00 - 11:00 SEEDs Focus Class
~11:00 - 12:00 Beginners Adult
~12:00 -1:30 Intermediate
~2:30 - 4:00  Workshops (Dances along the Nile) - Pre-Registration Required - First Dance starts August 30th (ALL senior SEEDs and Adults welcome!)

Global Dance Closings:
~September 1 (Labor Day)
~October 13 &14 (Fulton County Teacher workday and Holiday)

~November 24-28 ( Thanksgiving)
~December 22- Jan 5 ( Winter Break)
~January 16 (MLK Day)
~March 13 (Fulton County Teacher Workday)
~April 6-10 (Spring Break)
~May 22nd

Holiday Show:
December 14th 
"Celebrating a few of our favorite things
Nicola's Lebanese Restaurant"

2015 S.E.E.Ds Annual Fundraiser:
"East to West"
Saturday June 6th
Roswell Cultural Arts Center

WIN and benefit S.E.E.Ds at the same time! Winners anounced December 14th!

Global Dance Sponsors


Upcoming Events with details to be determined

Flamenco Classes

Shimmy Mob 2015
Shimmy Mob 2014
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WANT THE PICTURES FROM THE 2014 S.E.E.Ds Fundraiser?  
For Sale at the Studio

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Global Dance embodies dance universally. We embrace American, Middle Eastern, Indian and African cultures.  The sisterhood of our dance brings together the girl (SEEDs) and the woman (Dance Orientale).

SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) is a mentoring program for girls ages 6-18 years.   SEEDs assumes all girls have the right to be guided, 
educated and mentored during their difficult schooling years, despite their ethnicity, social and economic status. Dance and mentoring take place in a safe environment and  and explores various aspects of growing up, realizing dreams and aspirations. We primarily use American Tribal Style (ATS), which promotes working in teams and creates trust and confidence.

Dance Orientale is an adult dance program that focuses on the holistic view of women.  Middle Eastern Oriental Dance and Belly Fitness brings a woman closer to her aspirations and dreams, physically, socially, emotionally.
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